The quest began here….

Radio Flyer

I have Sisters. Two sisters. They are older. 6 years and 8 years older than me. They were patient and fun with me as a child.  I have a daughter and see older children with their younger siblings. I was very, very lucky. My sisters played with me a lot.

My favourite was playing restaurant.

Jennifer, 8 years older,  I remember hers  being playing church… ok still a bit confusing.

  (Check out her blog for some background on that.)

Sister 6 years older,  wow,  building amazing caravans out of refrigerator boxes and the radio flyer wagon. Amazing huge structures. That we could roll around the neighborhood. That was fun. I still look out for appliance boxes, just in case.

Oh but the playing restaurant. I did not realize what and effect it had on me.

It has framed me. It must have had something to do with making me obsessed.

It was the seed.

I remember even then thinking my sisters were doing it wrong. There were so many ways to improve. I did not understand why we couldn’t actually charge our friends. To make it a real business.  Even then I knew it could be the answer.

Bringing us riches. Bringing us riches of the soul.


One thought on “The quest began here….

  1. I LOVED waiting the tables of the imaginary diners. YOU loved COOKING the imaginary food. Yes! What fun we had and how those early play days are foundational.

    One thing I know about you, little sis, is that you WILL make your dreams come true.

    I have ZERO doubt Art. ZERO.

    I will wait tables for free. Please??

    GO GO GO!!!

    Love Jen

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