A happy family is but an earlier heaven.

A happy family is but an earlier heaven.
George Bernard Shaw

If you have followed my sisters blog, Step On a Crack, you know our family has its history. I come from a family where turmoil and anxiety is a way of living.

I have been blessed in my life. My sister and I have risen above. Our bond will not be severed. We have been able to redefine family.

I have been blessed in my life. I have married a nearly perfect family.

My husband has one sister. They have never fought. Well not enough to remember it the next day.

My mother in law and father in law are still deeply in love. You see it when they look at on another. They tease one another and adore one another.

My English family are able to laugh, smile and joke  in any situation. We have had family deaths and challenges since I joined “The Firm”. Their relationship to challenges is refreshing. I am not sure if this is what a ‘normal’ family is. But it is nice and refreshing.

So this brings me to an apology. I had my lovely In Laws down this past week. Best intentions. I had a few posts nearly ready but time slipped away. I again slipped of the face of Blearth. Blog=Earth.

I am back.

Refreshed from watching my daughters grandparents adore every second with her. They love her to bits and pieces. Maybe as much as I do.

She woke up this morning and went straight to the guest room. She came back crying for Nan-nan and Pop-Pop.
So we made pancakes for breakfast.
Had some cuddles.
Now she has a friend over for a play date.
My husband is monitoring 2-year-old nearly fights. I smell the fresh brewed coffee and am thinking of a nice french onion soup for dinner. The laundry is on starting the play catch up from the busy week.
We had some lovely meals this week. Some I will share with you.
Casa Pepe, our favourite local resteraunt.
My P in Laws had their 38 the Anniversary dinner there on Thursday. There 4th consecutive Anniversary dinner there
It is where we go for all our special occasions.
Opened in 1974 they are perfect at what they do…. more about that later.
Ok… off to slice some onions. Slow, low and long that’s what French onion soup wants. Hope to see you tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “A happy family is but an earlier heaven.

  1. Art,

    Oh my! This has me missing all of you, wanting to tickle our Ella Bee, watch her make tea with Baum, talk politics with your lovely man

    But mostly

    Help you

    Cut onions!

    French onion soup! YOUR French onion soup!

    Oh Lordy. I miss you!!!

    Love. J

  2. Love, you are officially nominated for the Lamp Lighter’s Award (if Jen didn’t do so already) … i have already forgotten her HUGE list! She reads a lot more than i do. You two Winkelites are quite the writers!

    I am so happy for you and Jen for being CLOSER than CLOSE. That is a gift. I loved reading about John’s mother and father. Honey, you deserve a great family … and i’m glad you have a great family on both sides (albeit … a few members, the new, the old, and those you remember with great love in your heart).

    I apologize for not reading more of the Almighty F Word. I think it probably is right up my alley … food is love … it is sometimes how we comfort ourselves FUR shur. I spent a lot of time hurting myself with it. STILL, i am making friends … and i will look for French Onion Soup recipe, k?

    Keep educating the world on your blog! xoxo melissa

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